In photographs and films I am able to combine things that in thinking, images and dreams are present at the same 
omakuva20.11.2013time but that in reality are actually very far from each other”.

The way his photographs are dreamlike is not unclear and sentimental. They create combinations that cross the everyday space. The logic of events resembles performances. Sometimes one does not even need any explanations. Sometimes a series of photographs or video works like a poem.

Harri Larjosto (1952) is a Finnish media artist who has worked with photography and video art since the end of the 80’s. Larjosto has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic disciplines.

He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and performances. He worked  as a Lecturer in Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki 2001-2009.

CV short, finnish, updated 2020

Harri 70y interview – haastattelu Turun sanomat 12/2022 .pdf

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