Touch – extended portraits, Kosketus – laajennettuja muotokuvia 2005

The Touch presents in words and pictures episodes in the lives of people that have changed their destinyor left an indelible impression. The artist Harri Larjosto has composed a series of photographic portraits ofthese turning points as descriptive narratives.The stories tell of youth, love and sexuality or something more mundane like a major hobby or movingobsession, even an accident or addiction. Apart from their deep analysis and sharp humour, Larjosto’sphotos also convey an element of fantasy and benevolence.They are a tribute to man’s individuality and difference. Exhibition was held at Amos Andersson Art Museum.  In addition to the stories and photos, the book by LIKE contains essays by Taina Kinnunen and Annamari Vanska on Harri Larjosto’s art.(hard cover, 96p, horizontalA4, 4-color, text in english, swedish and finnish).

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