Video and photography artist

Harri Larjosto was born 1952 in Turku, lives in Vantaa.
Solo exhibitions since 1978. Larjosto has over thirty years of varied artistic work behind him, in wich he has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic disciplines. He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and performances. Since the end of the 1980’s Larjosto has concentrated in series of photographs and videos.

In his photography most wellknown are the entities ”Transitions” (about 25 sequences) 1987-89), ”Academy of Grief” -90, ”Pictures of Contemporaries” -92. ”Wicked Suites” book includes most of those. ”Tracks of the Memory 1-3” (1994-96), ”Garden” 1999-01 and ”Touch – extended portraits” 2002-05. Imagery to the book about cosmethical surgery in Finland (Taina KInnunen, Gaudeamus 2008). Latest works are ”Gray person – each has his slot” 2009 and short movie Pandemic – Kulkutauti. 2010 Multimedia installation Awake – second hand knowledge combines videos, photos and installations about dreaming and sleeping. 2013 Harri’s Come and See was based on robots and video installations at Vantaa Artmuseum, them was continuing dreamlike reveals of contemporary times. 2014-15 Harri  worked on archive images with aphoristic and poetic texts: We are natives of Somewhere. 2017 Harri published tattooed Artworks exhibition and book at Akseli Gallen Kallela Museum and new  short movie Inheritor – Perillinen at Mänttä Art Festival.

See the rest  CV on pdf: Short English CV.pdf,  short Finnish CV.pdf

Short extracts from CV

Film & Videography:

  • HRMN27b2, 2013, experimental musicvideo 12min

  • Several videos to installations 2013
  • Earth Breath, 2013, 4’30″min
  • Wake – second hand knowledge, 5 installation videos 2010
  • Pandemic, Kulkutauti 2009, 26’41″min
  • Innocent -08, 4min
  • ”Extra” -06, 6min30s,  Sauna jazz -06, 18min
  • Bird -03, 10min30s
  • Aino -02, 8’30min
  • Curating scene -02, 4min, – Aimaruoho -02, 9min
  • Banking Hours -01, 8min, – Things -01. 1’30min
  • Waterstories -99, 45min, – Fitting -99, 8min
  • Winter Way -98, 5min
  • O-zone -96, 30 min
  • Wire, -93, remixed version2 1996, 28min
  • Pictures of Contemporaries (”Musicvideo” documentation of making photos),-92, 3’30” min. – Apple, -90 , 17min
  • Transitions, -88,, 8min
  • Sanatorium, -86, performance document. 25 min.


  • Special Prize of Jury, Brewery J.C.Jacobsens Portrait Award, Denmark 2009
  • Suomi-Finland Prize of Arts 2006
  • Vantaa city cultural prize 2002
  • O-Zone video: PRIX du concours A.C.I.E.R.S.,Festival Video D’estavar – Llivia 97, France first prize in serie art, culture and industrial, scientific research

Publications, Books & DVDs:

  • Harri Larjosto’s dreams, Art-publications 2010
  • Moving Suites DVD collection, Larjosto videos 1990-2008, View nr1 (AV-arkki serie 2008)
  • Imagery to the book by Taina Kinnunen: Beauty, operated in flesh, cosmethical surgery in Finland 2008 – Touch – extended portraits, photobook 2005
  • Wicked Suites photobook 2002 (with essay of Erkki Huhtamo)
  • Tracks of Memory 1&2 photobook -1994
  • Transitions -88, exhibitioncataloque
  • A little Artmanifesto -85
  • In These Rooms -87, photos and poems


  • 2014 ife lasting grant by Finland state in acknowledgment of his artistic life work.
  • 2009-2010 five years workinggrant as visual-artist by Finland State
  • 1997-2001 five years workinggrant as media-artist by Finland State
  • Project grants yearly from 1984 by state and privat foundations
  • 2009-2013 five years workinggrant as visual-artist by Finland State – 1997-2001 five years workinggrant as media-artist by Finland State

Works in collections:

Finland State collection

Collections of cities:

Espoo, Helsinki, Karjaa, Raisio, Tampere, Turku, Vantaa, Montpellier, France


Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Oulu Art Museum, Amos Anderson Artmuseum,Helsinki, Photographic Museum of Finland, Trondheim Artmuseum, Norway, Maisoon Europeenne de la Photographie/ Videotheque, Paris

Foundations, companies, privates:

Collection of Pekka Halonen, Collection of Lars Swanljung, Collection of Saastamoinen Foundation, Vantaa Energy Inc, Nominigroup Inc, Rautakirja Inc, Sofi Securities Inc, Sampo bank&insurance Inc, HGI:n Ammatti-instituutti, Claire Oliver Fine Art gallery, USA, privat persons in Finland, France, USA


  • Writings in finnish Art -magazine and other culture magazines ia Avek- and 1/2
  • Photo documentations of another artists works (dance and performance)
  • 1990-91 Indonesia, Java and Bali.
  • 95 & 2006 temporaly working in New York, 2010 Iceland
  • studying multimedia in Copenhagen 96 (Master Classes in Electronic Arts by professor Stephen Wilson from San Francisco State Un.)


  • Art Society of Finland ( Finnish Assosiation of Artists in Photography)
  • AV-ARKKI society for distributing and archieving videoart (chairman 1995-96)
  • Muu ry
  • Arkadia-seura

Recent Exhibitions and screenings:

  • – Privat exhb, ForumBox gallery and Business gallery, Unioninkatu 22, KOY-sponda business suites
  • Jyry member of international Impression Photo contest 2014 Cyprus.
  • Video scripting, Televisual art scripting, work on archival images and poems


  • Turku, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Here and Now. Performance Art in Finland, groupexhb
  • Pandemic movie will be broadcasted 4.2. at chanel Teema, national TV
  • Harri organizes and curates group exhibition of finnish artists to France, Le Château de Auvent
  • Vantaa Artmuseum, Come and See,… soloexhibition


  • – Prepares museum exhb to Vantaa Artmuseum 2013
  • – Curates and organizes finnish groupexhb to Chateau de Saint Auvent 2013
  • – Scripting documentary and book


  • Green Unplugged festival: Bird and Things videos
  • Works on new script for documentary and exhbition (2012-2013) under thema ”history of dreaming and sleeping”


Portrait group exhb tours around Scandinavia:

  • Sweden: Ljungbergmuseet, Ljungby, May to July 2010
  • Iceland: Akureyri Kunstmuseum, Akureyri, 24 October to 13 December 2010 Finland: Mikkeli Artmuseum, Wasa, January-March 2011
  • Norway: Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, April-August 2011
  • Hollola, Pyhaniemi, Aqua and Winterway images, in groupexhb
  • Helsinki, Forum Box gallery, ”Dreams – Awake installation”, video&photo, installations. Book ”Valve”. Text & Images Larjosto, essay Katja Valli


  • – Turku, Wäinö Aaltosen museo, ja Hämeenlinnan Taidemuseo,
  • – Heijastuksia ryhmänäyttely
  • – Tampere, Willa Mac, valokuvia ”Harmaa”-sarjasta+ Kulkutauti-lyhytelokuva
  • – Naantali Spa galleria, Aqua-valolkuvia
  • – Keravan taidemuseo, Kotien taide, muotokuvasarja Keski-Uusimaalaisista
  •    taiteenkeräilijöistä
  • – Hyvikään taidemuseo, Taju 2009, videot Things ja Innocent
  • – Kulkutauti (Harmaa) lyhytelokuva valmistuu
  • – taiteilijagalleria/esittely verkkotaidelehdessä www.



See the rest  CV on pdf:  short english CV 2014,  whole Finnish CV 2014


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