Because there is the past, as well is the present. The future, impossible to know, still something will shift there. Also what we  think about horses. And what we do…

Lue Lisää

Sometimes I go out  with camera just to see the flow, ”dance” of the streets. Eyes open, without expectations I let the life to perform me. And it gives me…

Lue Lisää

Meeting artists, exhibitions  and giving presentation in Kharkov in december.

Visiting old friend photography artist Roman Pyatkovka  Kharkov Ukraine.

Wellcome to the discussion and check the exhibition on thursday 7.10 18-19. (Discussion will be finnish.)

Short documentary of my exhibition views with five installations at Vantaa Art Museum until 4.1.2014.

Strange Masquerade installation is one of the five installations in my ongoing exhb at Vantaa Art Museum. Installation is based on around 90 portrait masks with peoples’ hand made tales.…

Lue Lisää

Director Kati Huovinmaa, artist Harri Larjosto, minister Pekka Haavisto. Photo ©Pekka Heiskanen.