Harri Larjosto (1952) is a Finnish media artist who has worked with photography and video, lens based installations since the end of the 80's. Larjosto has years of varied artistic work behind him, in wich he has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic disciplines. He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and performances.

Tattooed artworks update

101 documented people now, Artworks new life on the skin. Here some most recent:
Malevits (parts of suprematism woks 003 & 006) , Japanese woodprints’ parts from Edo era, Hugo Simberg (death ice skating), Hilma af Klint Swan no 1, Kandinsky (dancer), Axel Gallen Kallela (part of Aino triptyk, here Aino with burlesque tassel), Michelangelo (Pieta). Artists and people are named when project is ready (book and exhb 2017).

Harri works on video ”Antroposen”

Harri works at the moment in two projects, short video Antroposen and photo documentary  tattooed artworks (exhibition and book 2017).

At the end 2015

Some news at the end of the year 2015.

Harri was placed in two art history books: Amos Anderson Artmuseum 50y history book and Jokapaikan valokuva – Digitalization of Finnish Photography 1992–2015 by prof Merja Salo.

Harri got grant by Kone Foundation to continue preparing documentary exhibition and book about tattooed artworks 2017 to Alseli Gallen Kallela Museum.

2016 starts with exhibitions and working on projects.

– Voipaalan taidekeskus, Valkeakoski, I got You under my skin, 13.2.-10.4, group exhibition

– Kuntsin modernin taiteen museo, Vaasa, UN/SAFE, 13.2-8.5.2016, group exhibition

Harri works on Tattooed Artworks project and Short movie ”Antroposen”.

Music video to Stiletti Ana’s Universe Carrier

”We are natives of somewhere”. Six of my images from serie will be exhibitted in Salzburg in group exhb of Vantaa Artist Society 11.7.-20.8.

Event day at Gallen-Kallela museum sat 4.7.

Tattooed artworks collection continues, links to interview&article

Artworks get new life on the skin, Taideteosten uusi elämä iholla:

Video: Cultural news at TV1: Harri Larjosto and Suvi Leppänen.

Article with images: Article about the same interview.

Taidetatuoinnit – Art tattoo

Art tattoo project continues, check my interview video link below:

Dressing Room for Lugubrious installation at Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku 13.2.-24.5.

Surullisten pukimo Turussa 13.2.-24.5.