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Harri works with new public art project to Vantaa city, bee pavilion to Annefred South, suburban park. Artwork will be place for bee keeping in urban. Pollination and honey, more…

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Link to videomaterial for installation.

Inheritor (english) Perillinen (finnish)

Interview at Vantaan Sanomat

Articles on magazines. Helsingin Sanomat Iltalehti MTV3

Mänttä Art Festival Inheritor page

Art related news: Inheritor _ Perillinen short movie Premier in May, screening in Mänttä Art Festival 11.6.-31.8.2017 . Tattooed Artworks exhibition and book at Akseli Gallen Kallela Museum starts september 9th.…

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101 documented people now, Artworks new life on the skin. Here some most recent: Malevits (parts of suprematism woks 003 & 006) , Japanese woodprints’ parts from Edo era, Hugo…

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Harri works at the moment in two projects, short video Antroposen and photo documentary  tattooed artworks (exhibition and book 2017).