Harri Larjosto (1952) is a Finnish media artist who has worked with photography and video, lens based installations since the end of the 80's. Larjosto has years of varied artistic work behind him, in wich he has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic disciplines. He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and performances.

Waterstories – Aqua gallery

Waterstories – Vesikertomuksia,  Film and photo serie Aqua

In 1996 filmaker Harri Larjosto published an announcement in one of Finlands leading daily newspapers; ” I am making a documentary film. People with deep emotional or professional connections with water are required – please write to me about yourself.”

The collaborative result of the letters Harri Larjosto received is documented in his film ”Water Stories”. Six professionals involved with water through their relative occupations, together with a colourful collection of personal stories on individual affiliation with water turn Harri Larjosto’s film into a poetic collage of water as an endless source of pleasure and mystic fear.
A midwife, a captain of an icebreaker ship, a clairvoyant, a priest and the seductive charms of an erotic, young woman named ”Aquafeeler”, all contribute their living testimonies towards complimenting one of the worlds most basic elements of antique philosophy, WATER.

”Once you start watching Water Stories three quarters of an hour will fly by surprisingly fast”