Harri Larjosto (1952) is a Finnish media artist who has worked with photography and video, lens based installations since the end of the 80's. Larjosto has years of varied artistic work behind him, in wich he has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic disciplines. He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and performances.

Highlight at the end of 2013.

Meeting artists, exhibitions  and giving presentation in Kharkov in december.

Travelling to Ukraine

Visiting old friend photography artist Roman Pyatkovka  Kharkov Ukraine.

Discussion with Minister Pekka Haavisto.

Wellcome to the discussion and check the exhibition on thursday 7.10 18-19.

(Discussion will be finnish.)

Documentary of my exhibition Come and See…

Strange Masquerade installation

Strange Masquerade installation is one of the five installations in my ongoing exhb at Vantaa Art Museum. Installation is based on around 90 portrait masks with peoples’ hand made tales. Backround images & video are from icelandic fish drying field 2010.

Opening audience & some artworks.

Opening speeches at Vantaa Art Museum 8.10.

Director Kati Huovinmaa, artist Harri Larjosto, minister Pekka Haavisto. Photo ©Pekka Heiskanen.


Wellcome to the opening of exhibition 8.10. 17-19.

”Come and see. Waked from the dreams. Masks and robots.”

Vantaa Artmuseum 9.10.2013- 4.1.2014

Speech Congressman Pekka Haavisto, music Stiletti Ana & Vilunki 3000.

Robot escape

Robot called ”Ilmarisen tytär” escapes. Its not dangerous, but just in case leave message if You see it!

9.10.2013-4.1.2014 Vantaa Art Museum coming soon…

Bodies of interactive robots for the upcoming soloexhb are ready, still lot of work for the electronics and tuning.

Harri Larjosto’s Come and see. Waked from the dreams. Robots and Masks.

9.10.2013-4.1.2014 Vantaa Artmuseum.

Wellcome to the opening 8.10. 17-19!

Opening speech Congressman Pekka Haavisto.