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Inheritor – Perillinen short movie etc

Art related news:

Inheritor _ Perillinen short movie Premier in May, screening in Mänttä Art Festival 11.6.-31.8.2017 .

Tattooed Artworks exhibition and book at Akseli Gallen Kallela Museum starts september 9th.

We are Natives of Somewhere exhibition at Estonia, Parnu Linna Gallerii,  20.9. – 14.10.


Personally Harri is studying to start new hobby: Apiary, bee gardening :-).

Harri works on video ”Antroposen”

Harri works at the moment in two projects, short video Antroposen and photo documentary  tattooed artworks (exhibition and book 2017).

At the end 2015

Some news at the end of the year 2015.

Harri was placed in two art history books: Amos Anderson Artmuseum 50y history book and Jokapaikan valokuva – Digitalization of Finnish Photography 1992–2015 by prof Merja Salo.

Harri got grant by Kone Foundation to continue preparing documentary exhibition and book about tattooed artworks 2017 to Alseli Gallen Kallela Museum.

2016 starts with exhibitions and working on projects.

– Voipaalan taidekeskus, Valkeakoski, I got You under my skin, 13.2.-10.4, group exhibition

– Kuntsin modernin taiteen museo, Vaasa, UN/SAFE, 13.2-8.5.2016, group exhibition

Harri works on Tattooed Artworks project and Short movie ”Antroposen”.

Tattooed artworks collection continues, links to interview&article

Artworks get new life on the skin, Taideteosten uusi elämä iholla:

Video: Cultural news at TV1: Harri Larjosto and Suvi Leppänen.

Article with images: Article about the same interview.

Taidetatuoinnit – Art tattoo

Art tattoo project continues, check my interview video link below:

Art Tattoo project 2015…2017 with Gallen-Kallela Museum

Harri seeks contacs to people with art tattoo, tattoo based on classic art to make photo documentary.  Contact Harri if You have one on Your skin, all classic artist, also partially or applied are ok. Project comes out with exhibition and publication with Gallen-Kallela Museum.

2014 Harri works on images and poems.

Because there is the past, as well is the present.

The future, impossible to know, still something will shift there.

Also what we  think about horses.

And what we do not think about!


Wellcome to the opening of exhibition 8.10. 17-19.

”Come and see. Waked from the dreams. Masks and robots.”

Vantaa Artmuseum 9.10.2013- 4.1.2014

Speech Congressman Pekka Haavisto, music Stiletti Ana & Vilunki 3000.

Harri organizes and curates group exhibition of finnish artists to France in June.


Harri organizes and curates group exhibition of finnish artists to France in June.

Chateau de Saint Auvent is managed by Association Images Harmonie Les Rencontres d’art contemporain du château de Saint-Auvent, president Annick and Pierre Debien.