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”Mehiläishoito” – ”Bee Keeping” at Tampere Film Festival

Tampere Film Festival 5.-8.3.2020

Harri is finishing new short movie and installation about bees.

Short movie Perillinen Inheritor

Perillinen – Inheritor short movie

Inheritor – Perillinen short movie etc

Art related news:

Inheritor _ Perillinen short movie Premier in May, screening in Mänttä Art Festival 11.6.-31.8.2017 .

Tattooed Artworks exhibition and book at Akseli Gallen Kallela Museum starts september 9th.

We are Natives of Somewhere exhibition at Estonia, Parnu Linna Gallerii,  20.9. – 14.10.


Personally Harri is studying to start new hobby: Apiary, bee gardening :-).