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Art Tattoo project 2015…2017 with Gallen-Kallela Museum

Harri seeks contacs to people with art tattoo, tattoo based on classic art to make photo documentary.  Contact Harri if You have one on Your skin, all classic artist, also partially or applied are ok. Project comes out with exhibition and publication with Gallen-Kallela Museum.

2014 Harri works on images and poems.

Because there is the past, as well is the present.

The future, impossible to know, still something will shift there.

Also what we  think about horses.

And what we do not think about!

Life performs… (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 6.2.2014)

Sometimes I go out  with camera just to see the flow, ”dance” of the streets. Eyes open, without expectations I let the life to perform me. And it gives me gifts like this. Images with contrast and polarities, sadness and joy, light and darkness, surprising compositions, life as it is or how it likes to play with me. And sometimes I feel my mind is directs and lures incredible stories to happen. Thanks life…

Hannula&Hinkka collection 16.1.-21.4.2013

Word for Word – Sana sanasta sarjani  esillä Valokuvataiteen museossa

16.1. – 21.4. Osana näyttelyä


Suomalaisen valokuvan vaiherikas matka taiteeksi hahmottuu Suomen valokuvataiteen museon kevään ensimmäisessä näyttelyssä. Kyse on merkittävästä yksityiskokoelmasta, jonka Erja Hannula ja Jorma Hinkka lahjoittivat museolle 2012.