Harri Larjosto (1952) is a Finnish media artist who has worked with photography and video, lens based installations since the end of the 80's. Larjosto has years of varied artistic work behind him, in wich he has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic disciplines. He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and performances.

Art & Photography

“In photographs and films I am able to combine things that are present in thinking and dreams at the same time but in reality often very far from each other in time and space.”

Sometimes a series of photographs or video works like a poem, characterized by black humor and surprise. Some projects are pretty well documentary.

Bee gardening started 2017… RESILIENCE PROJECT in progress 2019…

Harri works with beehives, photo and video art, project for new short and other stuff. Link to wider portfolio here.

Link to RESILIENCE  installation screening videodemo.

Some still images & bee sculpt

Tattooed artworks 2015-2017

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Tattoo photos based on artworks and interviews 2015-2017. Coop with Akseli Gallen-Kallela Museum, exhb and publication 2017. Search for material is going on, contact if you have tattoo based on artwork…


”Tulemme jostain” – ”We are natives of somewhere” – Poems and image collage

This project is in progress 2014-2015… Serie contains 40 works, here some teasers:

Come and see. Harri Larjosto’s awakened, robots and masks.

Vantaa Art Museum’s exhibition presents new installation works. The videos and photographs are expanded into three-dimensional installations, even mobile robots. See the short video documentary of the exhibition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FZ1rPiWkCE


Vantaa Art Museum, Oct. 9, 2013 – Jan. 4, 2014, installation Strange masquerade

Wake – second hand knowledge

Wake – secondhand knowledge – multimedia installation 2010 lures you into another, dream-like realm. Combination of animated photos and videos in installations. See the installation documentary video and portfolio (.pdf).

Pandemic – Kulkutauti

Film and photo entity 2009.

Watch the Film Pandemic:

A delivery man experiences it all – and sees grey people – on the outskirts of a city during his working day. The film focuses on the global human act of keeping the system running. Photos are partially made during the film shootings and separately under title ”Each has role, slot” – jokaisella on osansa…

Beauty carved in flesh – Lihaan leikattu kauneus

Photo collages to Taina Kinnunen’s book about kosmetic surgery in Finland, published by Gaudeamus 2008.

More galleries in Archive .